✂ DIY Leather Tote Bag


Creating a bag from just pieces of fabric may seem daunting at first, but it's pretty simple. In essence it's just like putting together a puzzle.

All you need is:

  - .5 yards of faux leather
  - .2 yards of vinyl fabric
  - Cotton Fabric
  - Patterned fabric
  - A 12in zipper
  - A bag strap
  - Needle and thread
  - Side rings

It has been awhile since my last DIY YouTube video, but I'm back with a cute DIY leather tote bag. I would have finished filming this a long time ago, but the universe was against me. Every time I tried to record something would go wrong. One time my tripod broke, various times there were sewing machine jams, etc. Not to mention the massive amount of editing that had to be done. Creating a bag from pieces of fabric is not simple, and I wanted to create a step by step video. All this amounted to 2 months of frustration. But here it is. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions. You can comment on YouTube or this post. You can even ask me anonymously on tumblr :) I hope you subscribe, enjoy. 

Peace, Love, and Hijabs,
Naila <3

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