✂ DIY Popsicle Stick Box


Summer has finally hit NYC and with it ice cream trucks are out. For this DIY I was half inspired by summer and half inspired by a gift my friend gave me last year.

Popsicle sticks are so versatile, so I decided to use them to make a box. You can use this box as a jewelry holder, lipstick organizer, or paper clip holder :)

It's super simple. All you need is: 
   -Popsicle sticks
  -Acrylic or Water color paint
  -A paint brush
  -A hot glue gun

First divide the sticks into separate piles. The first pile, for the lid of the box, had 13 sticks. For the bottom of the box there were 10 sticks. For sides 1,3 there were 9 sticks, and for sides 2,4 there were 8 sticks.

Next begin to paint the sticks. Before painting you should have a color scheme in mind. I went with blue and gold because I love the color combination. You don't necessarily have to paint all of the sticks. I only painted the front and back of the sticks that were going to be used for the bottom and top of the box. For the box side sticks I only painted the edges since only the edges would be visible. Let the paint dry before hot gluing everything together.


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